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Protect your linens, mattress, and furniture from incontinence. Unlike other incontinence products that require washing and are very expensive, these sheet protectors are completely disposable and very cost effective. The Disposable Underpads also offer the added benefit of a smooth side to help in patient transfer and repositioning!

Each Underpad features a quilted mat for enhanced fluid dispersion, helping to keep it from overflowing or seeping through. The interior liner of these disposable bed pads is soft to the touch, vented to keep cool, and non-irritating to the users skin. The outer barrier is soft and smooth, assisting you with repositioning and/or transferring your patients. The Disposable Underpads are available at different levels of protection, with Regular Pads for light wetting and Ultra Plus Pads for extra absorbency.

Disposable Underpads Features
  • Protect your linens, mattresses, and furniture from incontinence
  • Reduces laundry and labor costs
  • Helps with patient transfer and repositioning
  • Interior liner is soft to the touch and will not irritate skin
  • Vented liner to keep patients cool
  • Quilted mat for enhanced fluid dispersion
  • Different levels of absorbency available
Disposable Underpads Specifications
  • Latex-free
  • If uncertain about level of absorbency needed, choose the higher level
Disposable Underpads Sizes
  • Regular: 23 x 24"
  • Large: 23 x 36"
  • Ultra Large: 30 x 36"